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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, metro workers angered at the transit agency's employee sick leave policy say they plan to have their voices heard. >> a tale of two teams. redskins fans full of hope for the future while caps fans reminded of past failures after game one of the team's second round playoff series agains t
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>> if you plan on going outside today dress accordingly. you'll be greeted by temperatures in the 80's and that is just a tease of what we will all enjoy this weekend. hey, good morning to you, thank you for joining us. made it to friday whoo-hoo! i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly morris whoo-hoo!, what she said. it is friday, april 28th and we're going to check a little weather, we're going to check a little traffic and mike i think we'll go ahead and start with you. heat wave, right. >> yeah, heat wave -- well, it kind of started yesterday. we're in the 80's again today believe it or not, 90's in the forecast for tomorrow. we're going to go through your weekend in detail coming up. erin. >> so far metro service is on time except for safe track but we have you covered if that changes this morning. >> all right sounds good. thank you. we'll check back in a moment. right now this morning metro riders are hoping for an easier commut after a issue at metro center caused a stressful morning on the red line yesterday. >> today could pose more challenges if a rumored sickout gets under way this morning. annie yu is live from
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with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maureen and holly. it was a stressful morning for some commuters yesterday many of them saying it happened again. the issue here at metro center was basically old equipment, that is to blame but things went back to normal by late afternoon. so, the question today is will it be stressful again for commuters? will there be a sickout or not. metro and its largest workers union are locked in a contract dispute and it got very tense yesterday afternoon as metro workers staged a protest during a board meeting. workers are upset about this hard line approach by management p-they're criticizing the new absentee policy which requires workers for to file saenz requests three days in advance. metro says it's necessary to crack down on excessive absenteeism and increase productivity. protesters dropped protest positions in front of paul as they turned their back and chanted who moves this city, we move this
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they went outside and joined hands to form a human chain around headquarters. again, all week long we have been talking about how management has been basically bracing for this possible sickout. they received nearly 500 absence requests. they tell us that they have denied all of those absence requests so it's kind of await and see. now, the union claims it's not asking its members to stage a sickout today but paul wiedefeld says, look, we're just bracing for it, we're ready for it if it happens. he's asked supervisors to step up should there be any problems. that's the latest from metro center in northwest, annie yu fox5 local news. >> 5:03 is your time. today marks day 99 of president trump's time in office. it's also supposed to mark the deadline for congress to pass a budget bill and avoid a government shutdown but lawmakers are looking for a one week extension to move that deadline to may fifth lfifth plawmakers say it will ge them more time to reach a deal on a long term federal spending bill through september without the
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extension or long term funding bill federal agencies will run out of money at midnight likely triggering layoffs. the last government shutdown lasted 17 days back in 2013. >> several developments this morning in the growing tensions between the u.s. and north korea. now those concerns will be the focus of today's united nations security council meeting. the meeting comes one day after president trump warned of a "major major conflict with north korea." however, the trump administration appears to be shifting its approach towards north korea saying it is willing to directly negotiate with the country to end its nuclear weapons program. in an interview with fox news secretary of state rex tillerson laid out a diplomatic approach focusing on international pressure against north korea. >> is the same thing china has said they seek, a full denuclearation. >> as the u.s. continues to send war ships to that region.
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>> exnational security adviser michael flynn is under investigation by theing phoreticking money from russia. new documents suggest he was told not to accept payments from foreign governments back in 2014 under the obama administration but he did anyway. yesterday white house press secretary sean spicer blamed president obama for the fiasco saying it was his administration that renewed flynn's security clearance. >> ♪ >> 5:05 right now. visa program known as green cards for cash faces a questionable future. the program's original plan was to attract foreign investment to neglected neighborhoods right here in the u.s. but instead, it has enabled affluent foreign investors to invest in high end real estate. today some congress members are refusing to authorize the expiring program unless things change. >> well, no y now to the ice capitals kicking off round two of the post season with the pittsburgh penguins. 12 seconds into the second period pittsburgh scored and 52 seconds later they
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again. caps would come back to tie the game at two but a third period score by penguins nick benigno seal the deal. caps lose four to two. >> best of seven. redskins use their first pick on the defensive side of the ball at number 17, the team drafted stone bridge jonathan allen. >> 5:06. mike thomas get ready for a heat wave. >> yeah, little miniature heat wave, little early summer feel coming our way. in fact ladies, this morning it was rather warm outside. i left the house in shorts. i didn't mind it at all because temperatures are rather close to 70 here to start the day here in washington. 67 degrees in fact your current number, quantico at 67 as well, leonardtown 66. most in many fact waking up to temperatures in the 60's to start the day here. little bit of humidity in the air as well. satellite and radar shows we had a few showers and maybe a rumble of thunder move through overnight. those are pushing off
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eastern shore. few clouds to start but we're back to the sunshine pretty quickly this afternoon with temperature heating up nicely. 84 degrees with just a few scattered clouds. again, a little bit of humidity in the atmosphere. wondering about your weekend? it gets hot tomorrow. mix of clouds and sunshine, 91 degrees for your daytime high on saturday. sunday a little better but still on the warm side, 84 degrees with maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. all right, that's the latest forecast. let's send it back to erin como for traffic. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:07 right now. starting off with look at metro. right now no delays aside from the ongoing safe track surge 14 work. that involves no train service on the green line between prince george's plaza and greenbelt. free shuttle service replaces that rail service. also the college park univuniversity of maryland as wl as greenbelt stations remain closed. no yellow rush plus. use the blue or yellow as alternates. we'll let you know if any other metro delays pop up. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.
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time. look at all this green. quiet on the beltway through oxon hill. no problems on 66 coming from fairfax. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly and maureen. >> coming up, all 100 members of the u.s. senate send a letter to the united nations asking the international body to play nice. >> passenger's whose forced removal from a plane went viral reached a settlement with united air explains a live look across the d.c. region. it's 5:08 and 66 degrees already. more fox5 news morning when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> back now at 5:09. new this morning pope francis system on his way to egypt. this is the first papal trip to the muslim majority nation since the year 2000. during his two day visit the pontiff is that expected to encourage better communication with muslim leaders in order to show solidarity with christians around the world. the pope it's trip comes following two recent terror on palm sunday that killed one- nearly 50 people. >> a fifth victim of the stockholm terror attack earlier this month has died. one person has already pleaded guilty
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terrorist crime. investigators still do not value motive. no extremist group has claimed responsibility. >> arkansas has carried out its fourth execution in just over a week. 38-year-old kenneth williams died by lethal injection. there is some concern about williams' death after some witnesses say he was convulsing shortly after he was given the injection. his attorneys are calling his execution "horrifying." williams was convicted in the deaths of two people in the late 1990's. arkansas is set to carry out four more executions over the next three days before one of its lethal injection drugs expires at the end of the month. >> all 100 u.s. senators signed a letter to the united nations asking it to re-evaluate its treatment of israel. the letter obtained by the washington post asks the un to rectify what senators say is unequal treatment of israel of human rights. the letter accuses the un of using its platform to advance an anti-israel agenda. united airlines flight earlier this month wins a financi
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airline. lawyers say the amount dr. dao has received is confidential. video of him being dragged off the flight quickly went viral and sparked outrage. dao was removed from the plane after refusing to give up his seat to united staff. >> cleanup under way across the southeast after heavy storms rolled through the area. at least two people are dead in flooding in north carolina with rivers still rising there. areas of north carolina could see more flooding still. arkansas was also hit with heavy rains with more precipitation possible. residents say they've never seen flooding this bad. >> road tore up like this. i mean, we've seen it transformed from gravel to asphalt and pretty much everything in between and the lake got up high but it doesn't even see that high to me. >> more flooding to be expected in arkansas for the weekend and clear skies are forecast for north carolina. >> coming up on fox5 news morning a pet food company recalls its product amid fears it
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euthanasia. >> if you have an old copper wheat penny you might be holding onto thousands of dollars. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region. 66 degrees very warm outside and it's going to get even hotter as we head on into the weekend. mike thomas will fill you in on the weekend forecast in a couple minutes. fox5 news morning back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back at 5:14 right now with a check of your top stories. all eyes on metro this morning amid rumored sickout among metro workers. nearly 500 employees have put in absence requests for today. but metro says it denied all of those requests and expects to offer full rail and bus service today. metro's largest union does plan a protest and news conference this morning at 11:00ly. >> caps fans waking up disappointed this morning. the caps taking on the penguins at the verizon center last night to kick off round two of the p
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penguins scored just 12 seconds into the second period. then they scored again less than a minute later. the caps loss three to two. game two tomorrow at the verizon center. >> nfl draft 217, redskins used their first pick on the defensive side of the ball at number 17 the the team drafted virginia native and the alabama defensive lineman jonathan allen. he could be a replacement for the departed ricky john francois. >> 5:15. checking our weather this morning, already 66 degrees and the mercury just climbing. no complaints from me mike thomas. >> if you like summer time weather this is the weekend to do at this time. temperature right now 67 degrees. very mild start to the day. dulles even at 60. 63 for frederick. couple 50's towards the mountains, martinsburg and cumberland maryland waking up to temperatures of 59 degrees t what's ahead? humidity is going to be on the rise. that summertime humidity that we know so well around the d.c. region. we'll get a little taste of that as we head through the next several days here.
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this is a measure of moisture in the atmosphere. some 50's out there. frederick is at 63. leonardtown 63. later on today dewpoints in the low 60's which is noticeable. you'll start to notice it today. we head into your saturday, your sunday and even your monday, much closer to 65, maybe even 70 degrees during the overnight hours so rather uncomfortable and the high temperature will feel a couple degrees above what the actual air temperature is. be prepared for that again an early summer preview this weekend. satellite and radar shows cold front has pushed off to the:couple of showers came through overnight. didn't drop too much rain but we're clearing out behind it we'll have a good amount of sunshine coming our way later on this afternoon. temperatures here in d.c. 84. generally speaking low to mid 80's around the region, maybe a couple north and west stay in the 70's but again, i think most will touch those 80's. this weekend high pressure slides off the coastline. it gets hot. we're talking about the potential for temperatures in the 90's as we head through your day on saturday. which would be the first time so far in 2017 if we're able to do it fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, again, very warm
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thunderstorms coming through overnight tonight but don't think it will be a problem through the afternoon hours. again, weekend generally dry maybe a pop-up storm sunday. that's the weather. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:16. we'll do a camera tour around the area this friday morning. inner loop by braddock road cruising along. quiet in tysons right now p the legion bridge looking good. i can show you we're also fairly quiet across the 14th street bridge. really representative of all area bridges right now. we're not seeing any delays on the 11th street. things looking good on the key bridge and i promise it's not that dark outside although it is getting warm. this is two spend southbound 70 southboundside. northbound side sparse, very quiet conditions there. more congestion building by the truck scales but not enough to cause any big slowdowns. then through college park i love what we're seeing by new hampshire avenue. none of that typical standstill project that pops up by the 7 o'clock hour. at speed, just a five minute
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295 southbound looking good. metro is on time except for safe track. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and holly, back to you. >> thank you. 5:17. taking a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> wisdom is back with what's hot on the web. >> good morning. first up despite pressure from the white house house republicans decided that they didn't have enough votes to rewrite the affordable care act and won't put their proposal on the floor. it was trump administration's latest push to act on healthcare. today congress is expected to pass a short term spending bill to help keep the government opened. meanwhile, an organic pet food company is recalling its products over fears that it contains an ingredient often used to euthanize animals. party animal organic pet food is recalling two types of canned dog food. the recall comes after a customer in texas says her foster dog became ill after eating the food. she tested the food and says it contained a euthanasia drug. let's go to south dakota where a man is suing coca-cola after he found a dead mouse in a can of coke. now he says
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missed several days of work and accumulate add thousand dollars in medical bills. attorneys for coca-cola disputed that there was proof that the mouse ended up in the can during bottling. check your wallets. you may have a penny that is worth nearly $100,000. now, it's known as the wheat penny. pennies were made from superior copperplating rather than steel due to the shortages during world two. that coin was minted by accident and released back in 1943. and finally, a seven-year-old boy desperate for more time to play his video games wrote a fake note to his parents from his school demanding more time for video gaming or risk getting kicked out of class. now, the mother, the mom found that fake letter on the counter and says she couldn't stop laughing. the letter said that her son is doing well in all classes except for video game class and he needs to stay up all night to play. so we get that -- that students gets an a for effort but an f for execution.
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>> oh, man. >> i don't know, the little guy -- >> i would have paid him. >> if i'm mom i might have to give him just maybe 10 more minutes, that's it. can you imagine. >> guess how that would go over in the martin household? >> we didn't ask because we know. >> we know. >> yeah of exactly. >> no. all video games banished from the house. >> yeesh. thanks wisdom. >> that's just the start. >> thanks, wisdom. >> 5:20. coming up on fox5 news morning, one of the country's most traveled airlines is doing away with overbooking. >> and mcdonald's announces plans to get rid of a popular item on its menu. >> okay, i'm all ears. >> me, too. >> heading to break p-live look across the d.c. region, the capitol dome there. darkened right now but hey, it is only 5:20 on this friday morning, 66 degrees is your temperature. we're back after this.
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>> used to pay local taxes. >> southwest airlines says it plans to stop overbooking flights. last year southwest bumped 15,000 passengers. that was the most out of any other u.s. airline. the airline admits that the issue of bumping passengers gained urgency after the united airlines incident. >> maryland governor larry hogan ordered a study of whether minorities face a
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participate in the medical marijuana industry. black owned businesses were shut own in the round of 15 lie sensing awards despite a state law requiring the maryland medical cannabis commission to actively seek to achieve racial diversity among license winners. >> mcdonald's getting rid of a staple menu item, high c orange will be discontinued and you won't have much time to get your high c on. mcdonald's will start phasing it out may first and will stop carrying it after july. they plan to replace it with a new drink called sprite tropic berry. >> when was the last time last time anybody got high c orange. >> that's probably why they're phasing it out. >> don't call it popular. >> i thought it was something i ordered. >> according to career cast statistician is the best job
5:25 am
of 2017 if you could pronounce it that is. comes with low stress very good work environment and high median salary of more than $80,000. university professor audiologists and dental hygienist ranked high as well. >> interesting. worst jobs you're wondering. newspaper reporter whose ranks have been decimated now for more than a decade, broadcasters, ranked second among worse jobs. >> that's why i'm laughing. >> followed by loggers, logging is better than being a broadcaster. okay, enlisted military and pest control workers. >> we are ranked with pest control workers, loggers. >> no offense to any pest control worker out there. >> exactly. >> but that's fake news. >> logging, really? better than doing the news. >> the insults. >> interesting. >> i'm surprised by the pest control one. everybody i know has like an exterminator that comes by just to keep their house cleaned. >> but they're saying it's the worst job. the person controlling the pests may not like the job.
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>> that's what that says. >> woe alwe all love our job. >> sure. >> maybe there is validity to that study. >> i'm kidding. >> we have to get to the weather forecast. >> exactly. >> reagan is already at 67 degrees. dulles 60, bwi 64 degrees. satellite and radar here we have a.m. cold front that moved through overnight brought a couple showers toe sho that is clearing the coastline as we speak. and we'll be back to the sunshine as we work our way through the afternoon. here's a look at the daily planner. 76 degrees by 11:00 a.m. with a good amount of sunshine. by 2 o'clock, plenty of sun, 80 degrees. 5 o'clock a few clouds, 83 degrees your daytime high here in d.c. 84. 83 for quantico. maybe a rumble of thunder overnight tonight by the way. all right, that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> all right, right now keeping a close eye on metro 5:26 and metro still on time right now except for safe track. no trains on the green line between prince george's plaza and greenbelt free shuttle service is there.
5:27 am
use blue or yellow as an alternate. college and greenbelt closed. plan ahead for that. we'll net you know if any other delays pick up. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. paback to you holly and maureen. >> president trump's ousted national security adviser is now the subject of a pentagon probe. >> new billboard in one local county is hoping to raise awareness about heroin and opioid abuse. >> 5:27 is our time right now, 66 degrees. going to be a warm one today, folks. dress accordingly. you're watching fox5 news morning. don't go anywhere. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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at the transit agency's employee sick leave policy say they plan to have their voices heard. educators at a local school get in trouble with district leaders over a so-called smash space. and redskins fans are full of hope for the future while caps fans are reminded of past failures after game one of the team's second round playoff series against the penguins. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm holly morris. today is friday april 28th. >> erin como talking about what's happening on the roads, mike thomas talking about the
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>> sunshine is back later on this afternoon, temperatures return to the 80's. if you think that's warm wait until you see your weekend forecast. 90's coming into the picture. erin. >> well, right now we're tracking the roads, they're quiet. metro only dealing with safe track delays but we have you covered when that changes. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll see you both in a moment. first if you're just waking up now at 5:30 here are the top stories this morning. will there be a metro sickout by the workers today. that's what we're monitoring after a week of back and forth claims by the union and metro management. union leaders claim their workers are being asked to give metro 72 hours advance notice of calling out sick. metro says that's not true. that the 72 hour notice applies to things like doctor's appointment and vacation. metro says it denied about 500 absentee requests for today. the union does plan a protest and news conference for this morning at 11:00 a.m. >> this morning parents in loudoun county still have questions after a meeting last night pow xanax issues in their school system. the sheriff's office called the meeting after news that several middle and high school students may have been high on the drug durin
5:32 am
seven students are suspected of drinking a liquid laced with xanax last friday. an investigation into how the students got the drug is under way. >> you don't know what could happen if things were in fact put in someone's drink. it's very scary and i do see a lot -- i do hear a lot going on at the high school of other things. it's trickling down and it scares me as a parent and i don't -- i don't feel like we're getting the communication. >> the incident was the second time this month that students at river bend middle school are believed to have been drinking a xanax mix during class. four other kids were involved in a case in early april. >> developing this morning in montgomery county, the school system is investigating the use of a so-called smash space at one elementary school to help faculty members let off some steam. >> now, the decision has one elementary school principal apologizing. melanie alnwick is live outside of kensington parkwood elementary where that smash
5:33 am
this interesting, mel. what's going on here. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, look, some people were disturbed by this obviously. otherwise it wouldn't have come to the news media's attention but other people we talked to frankly said they really don't see what the big deal is. it happened back on march eighth and there was a broken rocking chair. they said it was really broken beyond repair. the principal took it over to a loading dock area similar to this one we're told and it was -- they set up a smash space away from the school and out of sight of students. after someone posted about it on a list serve site that's when the controversy began. in an apologetic letter from that parents the principal explained she got the idea after reading business articles about companies providing anger rooms or smash rooms as a way for employees to relieve stress. now you can see in some of these youtube videos, that the trend has been popularized on social media. these videos certainly look rather disturbing and so you can see why the idea of a teacher taking out
5:34 am
of suppressed anger like this could be distressing to some. other people, though, say really these videos really don't depict exactly what went on here. coming back out live what people have told me is that it really was nothing like that. they say that it was just an old chair, there was one person that took advantage of it, it was a small space. it really was nothing like what you see in those youtube videos. nonetheless, the teacher has apologized saying she understand how this could come off in a very negative way, not really the thing that they want to be teaching students here. the school system says it is also looking into the incident. live in kensington, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> all right, mel, thank you very much. today marks day 99 of president trump's time in office. it's also supposed to mark the deadline for congress to pass a budget bill and a of void a government shutdown. however, lawmakers are looking for a one week extension to move the deadline to may fifth. late this morning the house will debate the extension of the bill. lawmakers say it will give them
5:35 am
on a long term federal spending bill through september. if no deal is reached federal agencies will run out of money at midnight tonight likely triggering layoffs. the last do. shut down lasted 17 days in 2013. >> the growing tensions between the u.s. and north korea will be the focus of a united nations security council meeting today. the meeting comes one day after president trump warned of a "major major conflict with north korea. however, the trump administration appears to be shifting its approach saying it is willing to directly negotiate with the country tend to its nuclear weapons program. >> exnational security adviser michael flynn under& investigation by the pentagon for taking money from russia. new documents suggest he was told not to accept payments from foreign governments back in 2014 under the obama administration but he did it anyway. yesterday white house press secretary sean spicer blamed president obama for the fiasco saying it was his administration that renewed flynn's security clearance. >> ♪ >> all right. the heat is on,
5:36 am
>> the heat's on. >> personally, i'm ready for it. >> bring it on. >> i'm all for it. have no problem with it. >> i'm not ready to get into like, you know, the string of 90-degree days. >> i'm okay with that, too. >> i'm all in. >> well, if we're all in, let's do at this time. all right, today 84 degrees, mostly sunny skies this afternoon. a little bit on the humid side. i do want to mention and you two take note of this, don't be shocked if overnight tonight you hear a rumble of thunder. that is a possibility but the daytime hours should be dry. this weekend 80's and 90's on saturday. sunday's a little bit of a question mark. it will depend on how far south this front makes it. we'll either be in the 80's or possibly the 70's if that front sneaks far enough south. again, quick look at the weekend forecast. 91 on saturday, we'll go 84 for now on sunday. all right, erin, back to you for traffic. >> keeping a close eye on all the cameras and the maps trying to figure out if there's anything going on. right now a little bit of volume increasing 295 taillights on the southbound side making your way toward the 11th street bridge. prty
5:37 am
none of those usual delays. same story on the northbound side. really like what we're seeing on the beltway the entire stretch from oxon hill on through looking good inner loop and outer loop side. no issues by pennsylvania avenue. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. metro is on time except for safe track right now as well. back to you. >> 5:37 is the time. coming up on fox5 news morning new research suggests a room full of students are usually thinking the same thing. >> hm what are they thinking though that's the question and why some va hospitals are dropping the much needed caregiver support programs and how families are coping. >> we're going to break right now at 5:37, 66 is the temperature. we're all happy it's friday. why not be happy, right? back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> test test
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. the time right now is 5:40. family members caring for and disabled veterans are raising concerns after thousands have been dropped from the veterans affairs caregiver program. more than 35,000 family caregivers have participated in that program since 2011. according to the va more than 13,000 have been removed from the program over the last six years. although a survey by veteran warriors says it has been over the past two years. the va is suspending removals while they investigate. >> maryland is taking action to
5:41 am
problem of opioid abuse. frederick county officials unveiled a billboard on route 85 south of downtown frederick. the sign calls attention to the number of people in the community overdosing and dying of heroin and opioid abuse. so far this year 96 overdoses and 15 deaths have happened just in frederick county. seven deaths in just the past three and a half weeks. >> we're trying to raise wearness and educate the public about how significant the heroin and opioid epidemic is in our community. you notice the sign and look at the numbers, we have on average one person overdosing every day and one fatality about every 10 days. and that's a growing statistic. >> statistics are sobering indeed. the good news is there is help, there is hope including a number of government and the community services for anybody dealing with a heroin or opioid addiction. >> new researchers
5:42 am
and show similar patterns in the classroom. the research also found the more engaged students were in class the more their brain waivers acted similarly. experts say the findings could reflect how much students liked each other and the teacher. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, the the primary actors from "game of thrones" make history. >> nan court for a traffic ticket ends up facing more serious charges after dropping a bag in front of the judge. >> let's go to break now as we do, live look across the d.c. region. we're going to need some cold ice this weekend because it's going to be a warm one. feel like summertime out there. 66 degrees already on this friday morning o 5:42 is our time. fox5 news morning back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> time right now 5:45. here are two of the day's top stories. caps fans waking up disappointed. the caps taking on the penguins at the verizon center last night. penguins scored 12 seconds into the second period and scored again less than a minute later. caps lose this one, three-two. game two tomorrow at the verizon center. >> it's the best of seven, best of seven. let's talk about the nfl draft now 2017. redskins used their first pick on the defensive side of the ball at number 17, the team drafted virginia native and the alabama defensive lineman jonathan allen. he's expected to be a replacement for the departed ricky john francois is that a good pick. >> it's an
5:46 am
>> good. >> alabama has some studs on the defensive side of the ball. they had one of the greatest defenses in football history. >> don't they pretty much have studs on their whole team. they're like a dynasty. >> they are a dynasty. >> roll tide. >> speaking of dynasties. >> come on rock, let's see it rock. that's my best mickey impression. >> very nicely done, mike thomas. >> yeah, we're ready for the weekend. >> i got a shot outi want to give. john pool middle school spoke to the kids, talked to the teachers. they loveys love us by the way. they had some great questions. >> john pool middle school. >> out of poolesville, maryland. >> john poole middle school. thanks for being such loyal viewers. >> i cannot believe they got the wisdom martin. >> you rate when you get the wisdom martin to come speak to you. >> that's big time. >> i've asked him to come to my child's school over and over again and he
5:47 am
every time. i'm just kiddin. >> weather-wise for all the kids at john poole middle school, the pools aren't opened but it will feel like pool weather. >> we're close. >> we're like a month away. weather-wise outside right now temperatures on the warm side to start. 67 here in washington. lots of folks starting off with temperatures in the 60's although manassas culpeper have fallen off a bit, they're back in the 50's to start the day today but you can kind of tell, it has that feel to it as you step outside that it's going to be a warm day coming our way this afternoon. we had a front move through overnight a couple showers came through. those are now out of the picture. they're moving off the eastern shore. some clear skies behind it. there will be a good amount of sunshine later on this afternoon as high pressure kind of builds in and takes over. it will sink to our south and that will just k kind of reinforce the heat that came our way yesterday. 80's once again as we work our way into the afternoon with a lot of sunshine. nationals baseball starts today. they're pack in time rivalry weekend. that's a little bit of a tongue twister kicking off new york mets in town taking on the nationals for three days here all through the weekend so for today's
5:48 am
tonight temperature of 80 degrees, a few clouds, warm and humid. i think shorts and t-shirt weather all game long because overnight lows tonight only in the 70's. speaking of nats baseball don't forget next thursday is weather day with the nationals. we hope you'll come out and see us, i will be there, tucker will be there, sue be there there, caitlin will be there. come down and see us tomorrow. quick look at your weekend forecast p91 on saturday, 84 on sunday. maybe a pop-up shower or storm on sunday. there's your seven-day forecast. we'll kind of cool it down a little bit into the end of next week. all right, in the a check of the weather. erin is back will traffic this morning. >> 5:48. can't wait for weather day. definitely going to head down after the show. >> it's going to be a blast. >> can't wait. right now no metro delays except for safe track still impacting the green line none yellow rush plus. use the blue or yellow to get around that. avoid the college park university of maryland and greenbelt stations they are closed but again shuttle service is available. as we look at our roads right now things inside the beltway moving along without any problems. but we do have a new c
5:49 am
109 in urbana on 270 southbound. still seeing green on the map from frederick down to 109. i'll let you know if big delays pop up with that that crash scene. volume just starting to increase just very slightly. aside from that as we take a look at the top of the beltway outer loop at 95 looking good. in fact if you have an early morning flight to catch at bwi traffic on 95 northbound and if baltimore-washington parkway northbound is not slow right now. things looking good on the way to reagan national and dulles. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly and wisdom, back to you. >> time right now is 5:49 and happening today, dozens of climate activists are set to protest on capitol hill against the so-called atlantic coast pipeline. >> protesters will use sweet potatoes from north carolina to demonstrate how pipeline construction would harm sweet tow potato farmers across on the nation. >> it's planned natural gas pipeline that would run from west virginia to north carolina. >> it comes ahead of people's climate march. tens of thousands of people are expected to
5:50 am
demonstration permits issued by the national park service says as much as 100,000 people would be on hand. tomorrow's march comes one week after the march for science. >> today is arbor day the day to show some love to the trees. in celebration, the district department of transportation's urban forestry division will plant trees along the east capitol street corridor. 70 trees will be planted to create a buffer to separate pedestrians from the corridor. that's today from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. time now 5:50. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most on social media with our realtime news traffic. >> that mean's mo is pack with what's hot on the web. hey, maureen. >> the show the simpsons is marking president trump's one days in office with a new spoof. david silverman says it took them about two weeks to complete. in the episode sean spicer takes his own life instead of facing the media again. ivanka trump becomes a supreme
5:51 am
baeder ginsberg and president trump is in his pajamas surrounded by books including bbill o'reilly's killing a good thing. the city of philadelphia booed roger goodell. fans didn't hold back their dislike for goodell. meanwhile the cleveland browns chose myles garrett with the first pick. this man in court for a minor traffic ticket found himself in handcuffs after accidentally dropping a bag of cocaine in front of the judge. yeah. he went to court in cleveland last week to enter his plea on the traffic charge but when he walked up to speak to the judge, he unknowingly dropped the drugs on the floor. dumb criminals, right? after her dream vacation in the caribbean a woman came home with a rash on her knee. turns out it was a parasitic worm buried in her skin. okay, this is gross. should have warned you about the video. the worm species normally
5:52 am
infects dogs or cats. she's since been treated with an antiparasitic drug and is recovering and is now the subject of a new medical study. and finally actor johnny depp gave some fans at disneyland big old surprise. he made an appearance as captain jack sparrow on the pirates of the caribbean ride. some fans think he was shooting a new promo for the new pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales. whatever it was fans were like what, johnny depp? for someone who really looks like johnny depp. >> i don't know, maureen i stopped listening at parasitic worm. >> that was a weird trending wasn't it. >> yes. >> happy friday. >> 5:52 is the time. new this morning virginia governor terry mcauliffe touting a new law to crack down on cigarette trafficking. traffickers buy cheap cigarettes in virginia and send them north at higher prices. mcauliffe says it robs the state of the revenue. the new law creates a.m. system so that people who purchase cigarettes for resale have to get a special
5:53 am
certificate from the state department of taxation. virginia state police shut down its e-mail system to protect it from the a new form of malware that will infected the law enforcement agency's last week. it didn't affect operation but it did impact the way the agency communicates to the public and it delayed online updates of sex officer fender registry. >> you could soon see something like this at the national arboretum. construction is set to begin this summer on the so-called national china garden. it's expected to take nearly three years to finish. ideas for the project first began more than 10 years ago but faced several funding hurdles. the money was raised by the nonprofit national china garden foundation. all right, listen up "star wars" fans. this solid gold darth vader mask, it could be yours in honor of the movie franchise's 40th anniversary this mask will go on sale in
5:54 am
week. the price a cool $1.4 million. it weighs 33 pounds. >> good luck. >> all right,. >> i like the darth vader there. >> thank you. >> leading actors on "game of thrones" getting a huge pay raise. according to the uk daily express they will all make $2.6 million per episode for the last two seasons of the hbotv series. they move past the cast of the big bang theory and friends. >> how can we get a job like that. >> i know. i tried watch that show and i can't do it. >> i haven't even tried. guess i should. >> yeah. >> all right. 5:54 right now. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day and hello kyleigh. look at her. she was nominated by mother jessica. you are adorbs, kyleigh. >> jessica asked us to please make her baby girl fan of the day because today is her 13th birthday. >> h.
5:55 am
>> happy 13th kyleigh. you're now officially a teenager and good luck mom. >> mom. [laughter] >> we at fox5 hope you have an awesome day. >> oh, that's funny. and i think it's going to be an awesome weekend for that most of us. i mean, i think most people are looking forward to the warm weather and the sun. >> absolutely right. quick history lesson. any idea what happened 15 years ago today? >> 15 years ago. >> 15 years ago today. >> can you give us a hint. >> big storm, big tornado. actually one of the biggest tornadoes in maryland history. >> la plata. >> through florida la plata that's right. lla plata tornado happened 15 years ago today. one of the worst tornadoes to ever hit the state. quieter weather today. stretch 66 degrees before school. after school 78 to 85 degrees. warm and pleasant afternoon. futurecast shows you lots of sun at 3 o'clock today. we work our way into the overnight hours. there could be a rumble of thunder or maybe a shower or storm
5:56 am
mostly from d.c. south but i won't rule out one or two of these coming up across the d.c. metro region. by your saturday afternoon we're back to the sunshine and we are really warming it up. take a look at your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. 91 degrees your daytime high temperature for your saturday. 84 for sunday. maybe a storm. we head into next week, we start moderating a little bit with temperatures heading back to the 70's by next wednesday. that's the weather. erin is back with traffic. 90's tomorrow, erin. >> i'm ready for the 90's. right now 5:56, metro still on time except for safe track impacting the green line. no yellow rush plus. use blue or yellow lines as alternates. we'll keep you updated on metro. we have a crash right now in bowie. 197 in both directions at powder mill road dealing with debris out there so please use caution. also tracking a crash in urbana 270 on the southbound side at 109. no major slowdowns yet. i'll let you know if and when that changes. you can see the rest of 270 as you head into gaithersburg this morning looking pretty nice. aside from that for your
5:57 am
view the beltway still quiet. volume increasing. i'll keep you updated on those drive times. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. >> ♪
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low internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 a rumored sickout among metro employees today, just the latest problem the transit
6:00 am
agency is dealing with this morning. >> well, it wasn't what the caps wanted to start round two with the loss at home to the penguins. postgame reaction coming up later on. the latest from the nfl draft and the skins look like they got a steal last night. >> live look outside. it is friday morning everybody. we made it through the week. it's friday april 28th. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. first up at 6:00 we'll track metro this morning. more issues could be in store for riders this morning. yesterday it was problems on the red line. today could be a lack of workers. >> fox5's annie yu is live from metro center now with the pllatest this morning. could be a big day annie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. yeah, there's a lot of uncertainty in the air this morning. we'll have to see how this plays out. all week long we have been reporting about the possibility of a.m. sickout happening today and that is because metro's management says that earlier in the week they received more than 500 absence requests from both


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